MONUMENTUM – Roland Emile Kuit

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On May 21 at 0.00h Roland Kuit gives the world premiere on YouTube of his MONUMENTUM, In memory of all the victims who died as a result of epidemics worldwide…   

For Roland Kuit, the starting point was to create sounds to the 40 largest pandemics in history using the Kyma system, a super computer for the creation of, among other things, all kinds of synthesis forms. Roland Kuit developed a new model for each pandemony that forms a viral network.

This 4.2 hour work should be sent out to 4 sound pillars that distribute the microtonal frequencies quadraphonically, creating a spatial movement. Tomorrow morning at 00:00 a YouTube premiere (stereo) of this sound art.

Research, imagination and association in a technical way made Roland Kuit write his books about combining synthesis techniques. Lecturing at diverse universities and creating radio programs about electronic music giving him a platform to discuss his conceptual worlds.

He performs on concert stages and in art galleries and museums. His books and music are published by Donemus, Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music.

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