Music of Lex van Delden in documentary ‘The Good Terrorist’

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A former Jihadi speaks out in a film about a Dutch terrorist group, which finds new patterns and answers far inside the darkness of radicalisation. Zeppers Film made a documentary with music by Lex van Delden, arranged and edited by Reyn Ouwehand…   

In 2004, Jason Walters was apprehended with plans to commit a terrorist attack. After a violent 14-hour gunfight with the police from a besieged apartment, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The action took place just eight days after the terrible killing of the filmmaker Theo van Gogh, and Holland was in shock.

Today, Walters regrets his past life as a Jihadi. What happened, and how do you become an advocate of tolerance after being a hateful extremist? The story of the dreaded Hofstad group is unravelled in an in-depth and dramatic film, which also gives the floor to psychologists, experts, kiosk owners and not the least Walters himself, who lays all his cards on the table in an exceptionally frank interview. The former Jihadi Nouriddin El Fahtni confirms the complex but often banal causes of the dark radicalisation, which are larger and more widespread than the religion or ideology that is used to justify it. Good answers to good questions are given in a film that manages to keep its balance while dealing with an extreme subject.


Regie: Robert Oey
Camera: Rogier den Boer, Reinier van Brummelen and Robert Oey
Sound: Tim van Peppen, Mike van der Sluijs and Maaik Krijgsman
Montage: Chris van Oers
Sound Design: Giel van Geloven
Music: Lex van Delden and Reyn Ouwehand
Producer: Frank van den Engel, Zeppers Film

In theaters from June 27th:

AMERSFOORT • Lieve Vrouw
AMSTERDAM • De Balie • Na de vertoning op 30 juni vindt er een nagesprek plaats met regisseur Robert Oey en Hoessein van Stichting Achterblijvers. Sinds zijn dochter radicaliseerde en zijn zoon in Syrië sneuvelde, wil Hoessein jongeren ervan weerhouden ‘over te lopen’.
AMSTERDAM • Het Ketelhuis
DEN HAAG • Filmhuis Den Haag
GRONINGEN • Groninger Forum
HILVERSUM • Filmtheater Hilversum
MAASTRICHT • Lumière Cinema • op 27 juni met vraag-en-antwoord-gesprek met Johan van de Beek, onderzoeksjournalist bij de Limburger en gespecialiseerd in radicalisering en regisseur Robert Oey.
ROTTERDAM • LantarenVenster • on July 3 with Robert Oey
TILBURG • Cinecitta • only once on Tuesday, July 2!
and on PICL