Musical heritage for the future

What’s Donemus?

More than 600 composers, 15,000 compositions, 1,400,000 digitized pages of sheet music, 1,000 concerts per year, customers in 80 countries and 10,000 views per week. Donemus’ impressive catalogue grows with 500 new compositions per year. All these scores and parts are available as hardcopies and PDFs and find their way to professional orchestras, ensembles, musicians and libraries worldwide.

Donemus: a modern publisher of classical and contemporary classical music for all music professionals.

From and for the top

Publishing classical music at the highest level worldwide is the domain of a select group of publishers. Donemus is one of them, nationally even the largest and most varied publisher.

Donemus is approached by top composers from all over the world to publish their music. Composers from the Netherlands and Belgium, from Germany, the UK and Spain, but also from Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Greece and more.

Hundreds of venues and orchestras in over 80 countries use the scores and parts of Donemus, because the Donemus brand stands for quality, expertise and unlimited love for music.

Heritage of the future

The Donemus archive contains 15,ooo compositions. All contracts are settled by the Donemus Foundation that guarantees to preserve this musical treasure for future generations. Compositions from even more than 200 years old are easily accessible for musicians world wide.

A very important task of Donemus is to facilitate recordings of classical music. We collect recordings, settle the rights and make it available on Apple, Spotify, Deezer etc. In this way, the brilliant sounds of unique compositions can reach new performers and listeners.

Composers and musicians are invited to submit their recordings and Donemus does all the paperwork.

Professionals and music lovers

Donemus is contacted from the Netherlands and from abroad to discuss future projects and to match composers and works to the ideas of artistic programmers. The primary target group is a broad, worldwide network of musicians, music students, ensembles, orchestras, conductors and music halls, both professional and amateurs.

The secondary target group – the music-loving concert audience – is also large. That audience enjoys the Donemus catalogue in concert halls from Melbourne to Vancouver, from Shanghai to Buenos Aires, not forgetting the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, etc.

Donemus offers also special licenses for conservatories and other libraries to get easy access to the catalogue for music students.

Progressive in digitisation

As all works become available both as hardcopies and digitally, they are accessible for modern applications such as tablets, for a growing new market of music users. Via Alexander Street Press, the well-known publisher of electronic databases, the oeuvre can also be consulted in the libraries of numerous universities and conservatories. This approach aims to reach the primary target group of musicians and conductors.

The complete catalogue of Donemus can be directly imported from the webshop into the sophisticated software of Newzik. Thousands of scores and parts can be obtained through nkoda as well. This software offers access on a monthly subscription fee.

Donemus is distributor of the hardware of GVIDO, a stylish music e-reader only dedicated to score and parts.

Global presence

The publication of Donemus’ repertoire always receives a lot of attention, with up to 1,000 views daily on its social media like facebook and instagram. In addition, Donemus regularly sends out press releases and asks newspapers, radio and TV programs to pay attention to new works.

More than 2000 interested people receive the monthly Donemus newsletter. Donemus is also often a partner at special events of orchestras and festivals. On the basis of her expertise, Donemus thinks along with its partners on their topics, themes and ideas.

The music of the extending catalogue reaches all parts of the world as can be seen in the picture here.

Coaching the next generation

Many young composers find it hard to develop their career as composer. Donemus coaches them on topics like author rights, grand rights, BUMA/Stemra and other copyright collectives, about entrepreneurship, branding and more.

The ‘Donemus Academy‘ has been offered as an in house course at the Donemus location and also presented at the conservatories of Amsterdam and The Hague. Donemus aims to offer them the bridge between their study and the professional life of a composer.

Many experts contribute to this course like lawyers, musicians and festival directors.

Image and sound

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On an annual basis, Donemus lacks approximately € 50,000 to cover the entire press preparation of the annual new editions of compositions. That is why Donemus is now looking for funds and partners who, together with it, want to safeguard this heritage.

When the Dutch Music Documentation Centre was disbanded by the government in 2013, Donemus continued independently as a music publisher, in a slimmed-down form and without government subsidy. Donemus is investing heavily in order to be able to continue to publish high-quality scores and parts. Unfortunately not all costs can be covered by selling them.

The use of external copyists and editors who prepare the annual 500 compositions for press needs strong investments. Most of the time it is not a simple finishing of a score already well delivered by the composer, but the conversion of a handwritten symphonic work to computer notation. This can only be compared to writing flawless computer programs: every note and every cross must be in the right place and checked several times before a score is ready for publication.

This labour-intensive process is costly. Certainly the compositions in the symphonic repertoire require long-term investments. The production of a substantial symphonic work costs € 5.00 to external (cheap) copyists in South Africa or Ukraine.

Unfortunately, these costs cannot be covered from the exploitation. The first performance of such a symphonic work will yield approximately € 1000. And so many performances are necessary before an investment has paid for itself. But in general it takes at least two years after the first performance before the compositions are performed again. After all, orchestras plan their performances two or more years in advance.


Long term support

Together with new partners, Donemus wants to preserve musical heritage and make it available so that it can be studied, performed and listened to. We are thinking of several partners (companies and funds) who can have an added value for each other and who together want to support this project for a longer period of time.

Donemus will invest the raised funds primarily in the editorial preparation of new editions of scores. New partners will have a special role in this. By committing themselves to new editions, a permanent link is created between the score and the associated partner.

Historical projects

But partners can also choose to support special projects of Donemus, such as a historical project. The scores of many deceased composers are still handwritten and therefore difficult to access in 2018. At relatively low costs (between € 5,000 and € 10,000), complete works by a classical composer can be published as a re-release.

Another example of a historical project is Forbidden Music Regained. Together with the Leo Smit Foundation and the Netherlands Music Institute, Donemus is making 1000 scores digitally available of ‘forbidden composers’ from the Second World War. However, Donemus would like to have many of these works not only scanned, but also published in a real edition, so that these works can be performed again. Such an edition costs about € 25,000.

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Unlock audio archive

Another possibility is financial support for unlocking Donemus’ extensive audio archive. This archive consists of concert recordings of works of which Donemus manages the rights. Donemus wants to link these recordings to the webshop and also make them accessible via iTunes, Spotify and dozens of other channels. This is expected to cost € 10,000.

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Finally, Donemus offers sponsors the opportunity to invest in promotion. Donemus holds gold, but more power is needed to bring this to international attention. With € 50,000 extra for promotion purposes, all the pearls in our catalogue can be given an international boost. Of course, this also offers opportunities for the promotion of the sponsor.

Contact us

The Donemus Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation and has the so called ANBI-status, which means in Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling. This offers several tax advantages.

We will be happy to discuss your personal options and wishes to explore how we can cooperate.

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