New choreography on Canto Ostinato by Didy Veldman

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On July 9th and 10th the Dutch National Ballet Academy will give a new performance on ‘Canto Ostinato’ of Simeon ten Holt. During this end-of-season performances 2019, Didy Veldman presents her new choreography. Sepp Grotenhuis will play the grand piano…   

The Dutch National Ballet Academy has previously danced to two (existing) works by the Dutch choreographer Didy Veldman, who works in England. She is now making her first new work for the Academy, taking inspiration from her Dutch roots: the meadows, the cows, the flat linear landscape and the horizon that is nearly always visible when driving through the Netherlands. She is also using clogs, partly as a tribute to Hans van Manen and his ballet Clogs. But unlike Van Manen’s piece, here the clogs not only serve as footwear, but often as scenery too. Veldman uses her sources of inspiration with subtlety – “it won’t be folklore” – but she does describe her new work as a ‘mini ode to Holland’.

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