Podcast ‘Making an opera’ about Willem Jeths’ Ritratto wins Prix Europa 2020

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The podcast Making an Opera has won the Prix Europe 2020 in the category ‘radio programme’. The podcast by radio maker Stef Visjager, produced together with the NTR and De Nationale Opera, is about the making of Ritratto, Willem Jeths’ opera, which was to premiere on the day the first lockdown came into force…   

Visjager follows the seven young singers and the artistic team behind the opera from the very beginning until the cancelled premiere. ‘Very well told and edited’, says the jury. Ritratto’s premiere and performance series was cancelled because of the lockdown introduced in The Netherlands in March. The production premiered at the beginning of this month, but already after three performances, the series had to be cancelled due to the new corona measures.

The podcast ‘making an opera’ can be found on our website or in the podcast app on your smartphone. Last month the podcast also won the 2nd prize at Prix Italia.

Comments from the Jury Group:

Very well narrated and edited, and told with enthusiasm and drama.
Very detailed in the numerous aspects of narration, the several angles and points of view sum up to a thrilling inside-story of the opera world. This programme is a good example to tell a „classic“ story with new means – and a very special, highly appealing tone.
Making opera accessible with warmth and humor. Covers corona in a very engaging way. Bravo!
The feelings behind and on stage and the music mixed together with what is happening. It’s exceptional!

Seven young singers are given the chance of a lifetime: singing a world premiere at the Dutch National Opera. Podcast maker Stef Visjager follows the singers and the artistic team behind the scenes for eighteen months. Visjager shows how every word, every note, every piece of clothing, and every prop is the subject of a battle. There are secret love affairs and intrigues. In other words: the making of an opera is often as dramatic as the opera itself. Especially when, right before opening night, it turns out that years of hard work may have been for nothing.

Submitting organisation: NPO
Author: Stef Visjager
Director: Stef Visjager
Sound: Stef Visjager
Commissioning editors: Frans van Gurp, Jair Steijn
Producer: Stef Visjager
Production companies: NTR Radio, Studio Desmet
Key staff: Stef Visjager, Frans van Gurp, Jair Steijn, Liz Kruisheer, Frans de Rond

Title of Series: Episode: Making an Opera
Length: 25 min
Original language: Dutch, English
First broadcast by NPO
Date of the first broadcast: 14 March 2020, 17:30

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