Premiere Olga Victorova in Vilnius (Lithuania)

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The new composition “Sutartines” for violin solo and string orchestra was commissioned to Olga Victorova by the Lithuanian chamber orchestra and its artistic director, famous violinst-virtouse Sergey Krylov. The piece is based on Lithuanian folk songs, taken from a book by Z. Slavjunas “Sutartines, Polyphonic chants of Lithuanian folk”….  

Sutartines” is to be performed without a conductor. A soloist moves freely on the stage while performing and playing Lithuanian sutartines to different orchestra groups that repeat the themes canonically.

The Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra and its Artistic Director and Conductor violinist Sergej Krylov (picture) commence the celebration of the centenary of the re-establishment of Lithuanian statehood, which will be widely celebrated in the country.

Olga Victorova’s huge oratorio “Exodus” will be premiered in Nantes on February 3 with 2 more upcoming performances.

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