How do we select composers?

We’re happy that many composers like to be published at Donemus. We have a rather strict policy to accept new composers. We are proud to have very outstanding composers at Donemus with an international impact. We treasure the high quality of our catalogue.

Our most important criterion to cooperate with new composers is how present a composer is in the professional musical life, both nationally and internationlly. We don’t judge a composer from a score, but we look at performances in the past and in the future. Who are the performers, the orchestras, ensembles, conductors etc that are involved?

When a composer applies at Donemus we ask for a biography (CV), a list with compositions and a concertlist. We also take a look at a composers’ online presentation in a website, social media, audio platforms etc, so we can see how we can promote a composer.


Why Donemus?

You might be able to create scores and parts, and have your commissions, concerts and your own network of performers. Publishing through Donemus might offer you many benefits to publish your works:

Your score and parts will look great Donemus Publishing has a long tradition of music typeset. Although applications like Finale and Sibelius can help you to generate good scores, the editors working for Donemus know these applications in all detail and know all main notational conventions to produce high quality scores for you that not only look great, but also help the musicians to work as effectively as possible.
Your music will be safe for long Donemus archives all your files. Approximately 100.000 PDFs are stored at several locations with a daily backup routine. All files can be accessed directly by a clear folder structure. Donemus takes care of thousands of compositions as the musical heritage of many decades. Your work is safe at Donemus, for many decades more.
Your music can be found easily Donemus keeps track of all compositions with a sophisticated database. All your works are catalogued by title, your name, subtitle, co-authors, genre, classification, instrumentation, duration, year of composition, explanatory notes. These descriptions of all works do help our national and international customers to find their way to the composition they might need.
You will get your money With its trendsetting webshop Donemus offers all compositions for sale (up to 7 instruments) or for rent (8 instruments or more). Our customers can buy your composition as hard copy or PDF. They can even 'rent' PDFs directly as download for a certain number of concerts. Donemus uses 'fair music trade' with reasonable prices and license fees for rentals, grand rights, CD- or DVD releases and live broadcastings. Your royalties are 30% on sales and 70% on licensing and are paid annually to your bank account.
We negotiate on the performing rights of your ballet and opera. We understand the business and cooperate with our partners. We make the best deal and take care of all the details. Your music might gain the interests of libraries, certain platforms or even film makers. We spread your music and take care of the right contracts. We try to get your music everywhere.
Your music will get attention Many musicians know their way to our webshop and find compositions that meet their interest. But Donemus also promotes the published works wherever possible. We announce all your new scores at our socials like Facebook, Twitter and Instragram. We send the info of all new scores to retailers and wholesalers. Donemus uses small Facebook Advertisements, with clear target groups based on music and geographical locations. It gives ideas to artistic decisions makers both national and international. By the detailed knowledge of the catalogue and a sensitive attitude to opportunities in the music life, Donemus has an important role in connecting repertoire and performances.
Your scores are attractive to new generations Donemus is a publishing house with an open mind to future directions of the music industry. With a careful approach it embraces new developments to get attention to your music in new ways and to new markets. The webshop with the availability to rent PDFs is an example of moving a few steps ahead of other publishing houses. All scores and parts are available as direc input into Newzik. We cooperate with nkoda and are distributors for the GVIDO hardware.
Get rid of paper hassle By partnering with Donemus you can delegate some of the time wasters that keep you from doing what you are best at. We offer the luxury of having an production assistant and a sales representative without the addes expenses and hassle of hiring someone, or worse: frustrating yourself with the boring contracts, invoices, negotiations about copyrights and dealing with collecting societies.
We publishing your work 24/7 Depending on how you deliver your scores to us, we are able to publish your work within a few weeks, or even a few days. We know all about deadlines. And of course you score and parts can always be corrected of revised after the first performance.
Let your music sound everywhere through Donemus Records Donemus Publishing has several labels under the umbrella of Donemus Records Composers and performers are invited to bring in their recordings. By giving the email addresses of the right owners, the portal will generate contracts automatically. When both composer and performer agree to the deal, the contract will be finished. The audio can be uploaded for production and be distributed at many dsitribution platofrms, like Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Read more...
Our customers are our music friends Last but not least: We offer simple terms. Prices in our webshop are fair. Transparant rates and licenses. We are not driven by money but by music. We support the 'Fair Code for Commissions'

Publish your work in a few steps

Go to the comportal and make your account. Fill in your address etc. Donemus will check your account details and activate it when on approval. You will get notified by email and you can log in at the comportal
When your works are already published by Donemus, you should find your biography here. Update your biography regularly. When you're new to Donemus, please bring in your biography here. comportal1
At the Contracts-Tab you can see all contracts you have at Donemus. You can click the red button to submit a new composition. comportal2
Fill in all required fields. All information is directly entered into the Donemus database. Check the data before submitting. comportal3
Composition for Publishing

Upload a PDF of the score and include the parts and the Sibelius- or Finale-files as ZIP-file. If you submit only a score a DPF is always required, even just as an example. You can upload the Finale or Sibelius file. Donemus will take care of the final layout and extract parts if necessary. You need to print the contract you received by email, sign it in twofold and return it to Donemus by post. You can upload a PDF.

Compositons for License

Upload the complete PDF and add the parts as Zipped PDF as well. The payment should be done as the system indicates. You get an email with the contract. This contract needs to be confirmed by clicking and accepting the conditions. Donemus will check your score and parts and put it in the webshop within a few working days. If some problems occur Donemus will contact you.