Publishing your audio

At our portal for composers, the ‘comportal‘, both composers or musicians can publish your audio for distribution on digital channels like iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and Spotify. The contract will be processed automatically. Donemus will then get the non-exclusive master-rights. We split the income to performers (50%), the composer (25%) and Donemus (25%).

You can download the contract here.

    • Step 1
      As composer or performer make your account at the Comportal
    • Step 2
      Log in, Select the Audio-tab, and choose the red button to add new audio
    • Step 3
      Fill in all info about the piece and the recording
    • Step 4
      Upload the tracks/movements and give all required information
    • Step 5
      Give the email addresses of all rights-holders (composer, performer)
    • Step 6
      All rights-holders will get a draft contract by email and are asked to agree to the terms. Once an agreement has been made, the contract will be processed automatically and Donemus will prepare the content for distribution.

The Comportal