Distributing your recordings

Donemus Records has a few labels. Hundreds of recordings are distributed worldwide. In this way, the music of our composers, musicians, ensembles and other music partners reaches millions of listeners. We invite our partners to cooperate with us!

We have 3 labels:

Both composers and musicians can publish their audio for distribution on digital channels like Apple Music, eMusic, Amazon and Spotify. The contract grants Donemus the non-exclusive master rights. We split the income among performers (50%), the composer (25%) and Donemus (25%).

Donemus has distributed over 250 releases. A complete overview can be found here.

You can read about the start of Donemus Records here.
And the announcement of our labels here.

You can download the standard contract here. Once you have submit all info about your recordings, we will process the contract digitally through DocuSign.

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