Quarantine music by Amos Elkana

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Israeli composer Amos Elkana writes several compositions as ‘Quarantine music’. This is a series of works for solo instruments with multiple parts. It can be played by a single musician recording each part and then combining them or by multiple musicians each playing one of the parts…   

In a concert situation, a single player (or more) can play one of the parts while the remaining prerecorded parts played back through speakers.

Quarantine music nº 1, for flute, is made up of four parts that are played through without break. the first and second parts are generally repetitive but with changes here and there. The third part is freer and in a more improvisatory style although written out completely. The fourth begins with long harmonies and goes back to the beginning music in the end.

“Zanshin”, (Quarantine Music nº 2) is for contrabass a cappella. It has four roles and is in three movements.
Zanshin is the state when the mind is fully vigilant and aware of its surroundings; when the mind remains still without being attached to anything and is totally present during every moment and action in the here and now.

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