Rick van Veldhuizen – unde imber et ignes

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The Nederlands Studenten Orkest (NSO) will go on tour with a program called ‘Extase’. Physicality, sensuality and primal power are central and the surrender to the inevitable is expressed not only in highly romantic songs but also in exciting musical entanglements and primitive cacophonies. The orgasmic – and deadly – power of both Isoldes love for Tristan and the earthly, carnal sacrifice at the end of Le Sacre du Printemps are combined in unde imber et ignes by Rick van Veldhuizen…   

The physical can be dark and violent, but can also bring salvation and pleasure. The abstract atmosphere of the above as a whole has been an important aspect in the choice of the theme ‘Ecstasy’, because it does not so much frame something concrete, but rather creates an atmosphere.

The theme ‘Ecstasy’ has meaning for everyone because each person has their own memory or association with this word. The theme is not only applicable to young people, as a reference to being young, the growing party culture and the need to free oneself from the increasing pressure to perform in daily life through ultimate enjoyment. The theme can also evoke associations with memories, milestones, life events and otherwise special experiences. Therefore, the concerts will undoubtedly also be enriching experiences for the audience.

unde imber et ignes (‘whence flood and fires’) is a back-and-forth between soprano and orchestra, both expressing a quest for physicality through sound, text and melody. This tense, sexual yearning does not confirm to the usual template for love songs, but instead is raw, uncompromising and even violent.

Throughout three songs the soprano – playing neither ‘man’ nor ‘woman’, but a universal, dark undercurrent in our sexuality – looks for the desires that make them human. They challenge the orchestra to open itself up and flourish into a vibrant mutant, full of microtonal sonorities and unconventional sounds. When it reciprocates, a process starts in which the soloist and the orchestra start to fuse into one, driven by their mutual yearning and abandonment.

The models for the music lie in pre-modern love songs, but from the outset stray from their blueprints and construct their own, deviant identity from the shrapnel of history. A hand-crafted temple to our fears and desires alike.

Someren, De Ruchte
Zo 9 februari 2020, 20:30

Eindhoven, Muziekgebouw
Ma 10 februari 2020, 20:15

Leiden, Stadsgehoorzaal
Di 11 februari 2020, 20:15

Nijmegen, Concertgebouw de Vereeniging
Vrij 14 februari 2020, 20:15

Rotterdam, De Doelen
Za 15 februari 2020, 20:15

Groningen, De Oosterpoort
Zo 16 februari 2020, 20:15

Maastricht, Theater aan het Vrijthof
Ma 17 februari 2020, 20:00

Leeuwarden, De Harmonie
Di 18 februari 2020, 20:15

Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg
Wo 19 februari 2020, 20:15

Enschede, Het Muziekcentrum
Za 22 februari 2020, 20:00

Amsterdam, Het Concertgebouw
Zo 23 februari 2020, 20:00