Rieteke Hölscher – Disturbing Light

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Ensemble Cross Meeting with Kirsti Apajalahti – violin and Rieteke Hölscher – piano will present the multidisciplinary work ‘Disturbing Light’ on April 4 at KUUB in Utrecht. In cooperation with Gaudeamus…   

In a co-production of visual artist Marij Janssen and composer Rieteke Hölscher, a natural moving installation is floating in the air. The artist designed a cloud of figures that confuses the light and creates strange shadows on the wall. Meanwhile, you will hear the music of acoustic instruments – violin and piano – and electronic music with the sounds of nature, like seagulls, thunder, waves and wind.
During a performance of half an hour image and music enter into a dialogue. Inverted ‘musique concrète’ and recognizable minimalistic motifs will create a synergy between image and sound that reflects the illusion of endlessness and almost undeniable raises questions about the universe and life itself.

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