Roderik de Man turning 80!

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On Wednesday, October 27, the ensemble Black Pencil will give a concert in honor of Roderik de Man, who is turning 80. The concert in the Amstelkerk will include older and more recent works…   

The very first concert in Ensemble Black Pencil’s brand new Sit Fast series is bursting with musicians and celebrates composer Roderik de Man’s 80th birthday. He has composed an extensive oeuvre, from solo works to chamber music and ensemble pieces. Characteristic of his music is the unmistakable pleasure in playing it.

Black Pencil will demonstrate this in its first concert. The ensemble of Jorge Isaac (recorder), Matthijs Koene (pan flute), Esra Pehlivanli (viola), Marko Kassl (accordion) and Enric Monfort (percussion) has also invited several young musicians to celebrate the anniversary with them, and Menno van Delft will play Roderik’s Elongated Fingers on clavichord.

And as a birthday treat: for the occasion, Roderik has written a new work for Black Pencil in which all guest musicians can participate. It will be something beautiful and exuberant, according to the birthday boy.

Sit Fast is the brand new concert series by Black Pencil, an international and versatile ensemble with a surprising line-up. The title of the series comes from a work by the Renaissance composer Christopher Tye (c.1505-1572). Sit Fast means ‘sit tight’ and listen. At the end of Sit Fast, he wrote: ‘Sing true and fear not for I am true and fear not’. One cannot dream of a better motto in music performance!

More info about the concert

Heimat (2020) *
for recorder, panpipes, viola, accordion and percussion
Thou single wilt prove none (2011) *
for voice and electronics
La Volta (2016) *
for recorder, panpipes, viola, accordion and percussion
Elongated Fingers (2017)
for harpsichord
KAISEKI II (2015) *
for percussion and electronics
Tangente (2011) *
for viola and accordion
Fuerza Interior (2011) *
for recorder, panpipes, viola, accordion and percussion