Sarah Neutkens signs publishing contract with Donemus

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Donemus is very happy to welcome Sarah Neutkens, composer, pianist, model and artist. On Thursday October 8th she signed her publishing contract with Donemus…   

Sarah Neutkens may call herself an art historian, is seen as a talented visual artist, has her own record label, is a model and – if that is not enough – the whole world gets to know her more and more as a gifted composer and pianist.

This multitalented young woman has already released three albums since 2016 under her own label Neutra Records. Her works have been performed by, among others, the Mallet Collective, Camiel Boomsma, Ensemble Ruspoli and the Dutch String Collective.

Sarah will be part of the Music Hub Brabant in 2020-2021, a talent development initiative of the Province of Brabant.

Sarah Neutkens’ website