Shalygin, Retinsky and Lunyov at ‘Mariologia’

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On November 5th, the Ukrainian vocal ensemble ‘Alter Ratio’ will perform Shalygin, Retinsky and Lunyov in Vienna – Votivkirche…   

The project presented by Ukrainian vocal ensemble Alter Ratio is named “Mariologia”. In Christian tradition Mariologia is the science about God’s mother. But in this case it is an anthology of works written on Latin medieval texts, dedicated to God’s mother: ‘Alma redemptoris Mater’, ‘Ave Regina caelorum’, ‘Regina caeli’ and ‘Salve Regina’, known as ‘B.V.M. Antifone’.

This music was written by modern Ukrainian composers: Svyatoslav Lunyov, Maksym Kolomiiets, Alexey Retinsky and Maxim Shalygin. The works are composed for vocal ensemble of 12 soloists and divers music instruments (harp, vibraphone, timbal and tamtam).

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