…your method of publishing is wonderful – affordable and quick and comprehensive. I wish every publisher’s website was like yours! (L. Armstrong)

All works are available at the webshop of Donemus Publishing.
More than 11,000 compositions, written by more than 600 Dutch composers, can be ordered directly.
Compositions are for sale or rent.

For sale are:
– All compositions up to a maximum of 7 instruments
– Works for choir
– Works for wind bands etc.

For rent are:
– All other pieces for ensemble with 8 instruments or more
– Works for orchestra

Operas and other works for music theatre like ballet, or musical can only be ordered by contacting Donemus Publishing

About our webshop:
All works can be ordered as hardcopy or PDF.
PDFs are 40% cheaper than hardcopies.
Some works are not available for download yet. You can order the title and our team will work on finishing the score or parts and inform you within a few days when the work is available.



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