FAQ – Sales, rentals and retailers


All scores and parts are calculated by page and the size of the page like A3, B4 and A4. All products have a little threshold for covers and binding.
Donemus sells PDFs without any protection of the files. But like all publishers Donemus is aware of the risk of copyright infringement. For this reason places a customer watermark on every page of the downloadable PDF.
Yes, sometimes Donemus can send a perusal score as PDF to decision makers like artistic directors. If you have any request like this, please contact us.
Find the title you're looking for and copy and past the web address from the title bar. (like:https://webshop.donemus.nl/action/front/sheetmusic/9437) Composer can link from their own websites to the separate titles in the webshop.
You can make as many prints as you like. There is no protection on the PDF. But to the agreement of the General Conditions, the PDF is officially still the property of Donemus Publishing. You're allowed to make prints only for yourself.
Technically, yes. However, for chamber pieces including a keyboard instrument (such as piano), it is mostly expected that the pianist is going to play from the score. Therefore, as a rule the “Parts” set does not include a separate piano part.


Donemus Publishing rents music for larger groups to get a return on investment for mostly expensive productions with many parts. This a world wide convention for all music publishers to rent music for orchestra. Donemus does rent a couple of chamber music works as well, to have a better overview on the way the score/parts are used.
You will need to pay for a score and a set of parts. This can be either a hardcopies or PDFs. You need to fill in the number of performances. This together calculates the price.
The calculation for performance licenses when an ensemble or orchestra rents Donemus music, is based on a) the number of performances b) the number of pages in PDF. The formula for the calculation is: Price=((performances*pages)^0,8)*constant
You can keep the score and the set of parts for your library. PDFs can be stored at your hard disk for you own archive. It is never allowed to share any of the printed parts or the digital files with any other person, orchestra, ensemble or organisation.
If you like to perform the piece later on after the first concert(s), you don't need to buy the score again. You need to at least pay for another set of parts in PDF (even though you might not use them, but prefer to use your archived files or prints from before) and a new license for the upcoming performance(s).


Donemus Publishing gives 40% discount to retailers. If you are a retailer, please make an account at the webshop with all the information needed. Then contact us with the request for retailers discount. PLEASE DON'T ORDER items before your discount has been confirmed. Donemus will check your request and reply to you when the discount is effective. PLEASE LOG IN before adding items to your shopping cart. Otherwise the retailers discount can't be applied!
If you prefer to pay by invoice, please make an account at the webshop, contact us and request for the option to pay by invoice. We will get back to you when this option is activated for you. Donemus needs to charge €15 extra for administration for payments by invoice.
No, because of the 'law on fixed book prices' you need to sell the scores and parts for the prices used in our webshop.
Before adding items to your order, please log-in first. Then you will notice the retailers discount when you add your items.