Simeon ten Holt at DortdYart

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This weekend, Sense of Music will start. Sense of Music is the music program in the Sound Pavilion (Klankbodempaviljoen) of Dré Wapenaar.
The Sound Pavilion is build on the outside area of DordtYart. In this special pavilion the audience sits against the resonance box of the musicians, which makes the experience of a concert very intense and intimate at the same time.  

Sense of Music opens on Friday 15th of September with Lemniscaat by Rondane Kwartet, one of the warmest advocates of the works by Simeon ten Holt. From his oeuvre we programmed a number of concerts by different artists. The repetition of Ten Holt’s works and the freedom to experiment therein works very well with the acoustics of the Sound Pavilion.
During the opening weekend Rubric Piano Trio will also perform Incantatie 4 but this show is already sold out. Luckily there are plenty of other options left: organist Toon Hagen and Philine Coops who will perform the seldom performed piece Shadow Nor Prey, together with Hagen’s reaction to this piece: Going On.
There is a special version of the Canto Ostinato, Ten Holt’s best known work by Ivo Janssen (piano) and Vincent van Amsterdam (accordion).

Aren’t you able to come to the opening night? On Sunday the 24th of September Rondane Kwartet will play a combined program with music from Bach (a great inspiration to Ten Holt), Joep Franssens and a coupure of Lemniscaat from Simeon ten Holt.
And last but not least Sense of Music programs a solo concert by Ivo Janssen where he will play among other pieces Natalon in E and soloduiveldans I of Simeon ten Holt.

For the full music program, please check out the website

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