Simeon ten Holt: Palimpsest recorded by Open Sound Orchestra

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On March 23, Donemus Records will release a new recording of Simeon ten Holt’s Palimpsest by Soloists from the Open Sound Orchestra…   


The title Palimpsest comes from the Greek language and historically refers to a parchment scroll that was rewritten after the original writing had been scratched off or made invisible. Often the original text remained somewhat legible. This last characteristic is always perceptible to the listener in the composition. Despite differences in key or character, the motif can be traced back to the initial theme.

The first and second violin introduce the theme, after which the composition comes to life through an accumulation. The overall form of the composition is divided into a number of episodes separated by so-called transitions. In these, the violinists pass the fast movement part to each other as in a relay. The second change is followed by an Interlude, which can be regarded as a chromatic and through-composed loop; the fourth episode is followed by a coda.

Open Sound Orchestra

OpenSoundOrchestra is presented by young and professional musicians with the main goal to popularize contemporary music. The orchestra is fond of both minimalism and serialism, as well as electronic music. OpenSoundOrchestra records and plays music by young and well-known Russian composers in different halls such as the conservatory and the philharmonic, stadiums and small concert rooms. The name of the orchestra “Open Sound” stands for the openness of new music and new ways of representing it to the audience. 

The orchestra was founded by passionate musicians Stanislav Malyshev and Olga Kalinova. 

Open Sound Orchestra

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