Sinfonia Varsovia performs Martyna Kosecka

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Sinfonia Varsovia will perform the world premiere of Martyna Kosecka: Concerto for Clarinet, Multipercussion and String Orchestra. The concert will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook…   

Martyna Kosecka is the youngest composer featured in the “Resounds” evening, forming a powerful female trio with the authors of the other premiere works of the series, Żaneta Rydzewska (December) and Teoniki Rożynek (March). Following the path of the artist for several years now, she makes an impressive carreer. In her early works, Kosecka explicitly referred to the sonorist tradition of the Polish school, then she became fascinated with the spectral and Persian music, still searching for herself and her roots. She will certainly get closer to them at this concert, as Sinfonia Varsovia will be led by Szymon Bywalec, with whom the composer also studied conducting.