The Wall Symphony of Douwe Eisenga

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On September 8, 13 and October 13 the Wall Symphony of Douwe Eisenga will be performed by ‘Het Zeeuws Orkest’. Be there at one of the concerts in Sas van Gent, Vlissingen or Goes. Conductor will be Ivan Meylemans…   

The Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga has written his first symphony inspired by the epic album The Wall from Pink Floyd. Het Zeeuws Orkest, which operates at full strength, guarantees an overwhelming premiere.
The Wall Symphony is vintage Eisenga with his unique, hypnotizing mix of Rock, Minimal and Baroque. The Wall Symphony alternates compelling meditative parts with overwhelming rhythmic walls of sound.

September 8
Industrieel Museum – Sas van Gent (during Festival Zeeuwsch Vlaanderen)

September 13
Sint Jacobskerk – Vlissingen (during Film by the Sea)

Oktober 13
De Mythe – Goes

More info about the concerts