To Plant Again – Talentopera by Adam Łukawski

Geplaatst op

During the OFF Days at the Opera Forward Festival, there will be 5 premieres of short operas, produced by a team of students. The common theme is: identity and confrontation – the fear of the unknown. Composer Adam Łukawski wrote ‘To Plant Again’, an opera for 16 performers with sounding costumes, 2 music boxes and live electronics…   

This opera-project by talents from the Netherlands, Scotland, Australia and Poland deals about taking a distance to get closer, we see a colony of albatrosses, a bird community, and one single albatross, which does not fit in the group. He decides to leave and step outside his comfort zone so that he can grow.

Leave the comfort zone, which these six talents do too and what they expect from their cast. The opera is not in any way a traditional one: there is no orchestra, a dialogue is lacking and the costumes of the performers are the instruments. Movement and sound are inseparable and build together the composition. Music and choreography depend on each other like two albatrosses that have fallen in love with each other.

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