Willem Boogman – The Road to Here

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The Road To Here (2018) for brass quartet and organ was commissioned by the Ottoni Quartet on the occasion of their 25th anniversary, with financial support by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Orgelpark Amsterdam and the Ottoni Quartet. In addition to the premiere of this new work, OTTONI also plays various works by early Baroque Italian composers…  

In ‘The Road To Here‘, Willem Boogman explored various applications of musical ‘readymades’. In this case, he used popular melodies from different musical genres, given by the wind players of Ottoni and organist Wybe Kooijmans. With this he built up the composition, transforming and interpolating the melodies at the level of the elements of music, their ‘DNA’. Another starting point was ‘Die Nelken-reihe’ by Pina Bausch on music by Louis Armstrong: Willem set her portrayal in a dance of the four seasons to music as a recurring refrain. In this way, he created a festive procession in music in which remains of familiar musical styles are still recognizable.

At the same concert the Ottoni Quartet and Wybe Kooijmans will perform Marius Monnikkendam – Concerto per organo, due trombe e due tromboni

More info concert at the Orgelpark October 19)
More info concert in Hilversum (October 21)