Wonderful tribute to composer Hans Kox

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This new double CD has something like a double in memoriam. Hans Kox died last year, a few months before he would be the central composer of the Orlando Festival. And now the chamber music festival Orlando itself is threatened to have to stop because of the abolition of subsidies by the province of Limburg…   

No less than fifteen chamber works by Kox sounded in the summer of 2019, almost two and a half hours of music ranging from raw and expressive to tender and intoxicating, performed by great musicians. It is fortunate that the concerts were recorded, mainly by the Concertzender. Kox is better known as an orchestral composer and many pieces appear for the first time on CD, including the world premiere of the original hobo version of Le chant du merle. The sound quality is ‘live’: you can hear the halls of the former abbey Rolduc. The level of the performances and the playing intensity is high. An important document and a wonderful tribute to an exceptional composer.

The cd has been released on the label Et’cetera and was produced by the Orlando Festival. This double CD is for sale at the Hans Kox Foundation.

Performers are: Cyrus Allyar, Peter Brunt, Chekhov Trio, Dorian Cooke, Ellen Corver, Charly Delbecq, Katherine Dowling, Ingrid Geerlings, Larissa Groeneveld, Toby Hughes, Alan R. Kay, Malevich Piano Quartet, Mikhail Nemtsov, Elena Nemtsova, Ron Schaaper, James Austin Smith, Kristian Winther, Tjeu Zeijen.​

(Joep Stapel;NRC)