World premiere Jan-Peter de Graaff at the Zaterdagmatinee

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At the concert of Saturday, January 13th the Residentie Orkest will perform the premiere of Jan-Peter de Graaff – ‘Le café de suit’ at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam

“Le café de nuit” is a 13-minute fantasia/nocturne for orchestra, based on the painting (with the same name) bij Vincent van Gogh, and the letters he wrote to this brother Theo during his stay in Arles, where he rented a studio above the café. In the letters, he describes this place as “a place where you can ruin yourself, go mad, commit crimes”. This subject really interested me as a composer as there is really a conflict within the concept of a café. Usually, one goes to a café to escape the ongoing world and everyday problems, to dance, to celebrate life and to drink and go drunk to immerse oneself in a different reality. However, there is a danger, as van Gogh states, as the café also influences the world outside. It is a place where the darkest side of human behaviour emerges. In the piece I tried to find this strange balance between joy and danger, between alertness (or even panic) and being drunk, between passion and truth.

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