World premiere Klas Torstensson – und eine Springflut…

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As a twenty-three-year-old composer, Klas Torstensson wrote a work for solo string quartet and large string orchestra, entitled ‘… and a Springflut überschwemmt den stillen Horizont …’. The title was a quote from the poem ‘Pierrot Lunaire’ by Albert Giraud, as used by Arnold Schönberg in his pioneering work from 1912…   

Klas Torstensson’s work for string quartet and large string orchestra ‘und eine Springflut überschwemmt den stillen Horizont…’, an attempt at musical historiography, was performed for the first time in the summer of 1974 at the Ung Nordisk Musik Festival in Framnäs (Sweden). Played by young musicians from the Scandinavian countries, the conductor was Sigfrid Naumann, and it sounded great!

Since then, his musical ideals has changed considerably, and he even withdrew the piece from his (Swedish) publisher. But the memories of the piece from his Sturm und Drang years remained, and when he received a request a few years ago to write a work for string ensemble, he saw his chance to return to the piece.

In his attempt to realize this highly compressed historiography, Klas brought together a number of musical styles: the late romanticism of around 1900 (think of Strauss or Mahler), music of the “Second Viennese School” (Schoenberg, Berg, Webern) and music from after the Second World War (Penderecki, Stockhausen). ‘Styles’ – but no literal quotes.

So in the current chamber music version, ‘und eine Springflut’, the core of the piece has remained the same, but the effect is new. The present piece was built on the rubble of the original. No desecration, but restoration …

This ‘und eine Springflut…’ will be performed by Camerata Nordica on September 15 (world premiere), 16 and 17.

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