Yannis Kyriakides – Val

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No one wants to fall. Falling makes you vulnerable. In today’s society we want progress; onward and upward, faster, more. But surely falling is part of life? Water evaporates, rises and comes back down as rain; people live and learn; they get knocked down and they get back up again. What would be left of our creativity if no one ever dared to leap into the dark? VAL is a musical ode to falling, in which we look our fears in the eye…   

Who still dares to fall?

Val brings the company’s poetical genre to the big stage, accompanied by Calefax reed quintet with music by Yannis Kyriakides. Like the players, they also explore the extremes: scaling the highest heights and dropping to the deepest lows.

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Wednesday 24 July – Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, TRY-OUT sold-out
Thursday 25 July – Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, TRY-OUT sold-out
Friday 26 July – Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, TRY-OUT sold-out
Friday 20 September – Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
Saturday 21 September – Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, PREMIÈRE
Sunday 22 September – Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
Thursday 26 September – Chassé, Breda
Saturday 28 September – Warande, Turnhout, België
Wednesday 2 October – De Spiegel, Zwolle
Wednesday 9 October – Stadstheater, Arnhem
Monday 14 October – Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA)
Wednesday 16 October – Het Nationale Theater, Den Haag
Monday 21 October – Stadsschouwburg Groningen
Wednesday 6 November – November Music, Theater a/d Parade, Den Bosch
Thursday 21 November – Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

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