Calliope Tsoupaki wins Matthijs Vermeulenprijs 2021

After the award ceremony, the prize-winning work 'Thin Air' will be performed live in a new version for string orchestra by the Wonderfeel Festival Orchestra conducted by Johannes Leertouwer.
The variable instrumentation makes Calliope Tsoupaki's Thin Air a special work, according to the jury who chose this work out of 95 nominations. "The work can be performed by various instruments and in various combinations, from solo to large orchestra. The concept is therefore at least as strong as the composition. It is a powerful statement about how experiencing art is a communal experience. In this way, Thin Air can be seen as a time document of the corona pandemic." Thin Air was commissioned by Wonderfeel, as an ode to the compassion and solidarity we show en masse in this corona time. Since the premiere of Thin Air in 2020, more than 50 versions of the composition have been realised and performed worldwide, within the project Festivals for Compassion.
Calliope Tsoupaki (Piraeus 1963) is a Greek-Dutch composer, who was named Componist des Vaderlands in the Netherlands in 2018. Her work is performed both in Europe and in the United States and is also heard at international music festivals.
Orchestras can download the score and parts for free at Donemus.

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Published 1 year ago

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