Christian Ernst Graaf

Graaf, as he was known after becoming a Dutch citizen, held the most important music post in the Dutch Republic of the second half of the eighteenth century: he was the kapellmeister of stadtholder Willem V. His music shows a stylistic development from late-Baroque characteristics to a more classicistic, galant style. Though a fair amount of his work was published, it is likely, considering his position, that he wrote much more. It is only possible to reconstruct but a rough outline of his life. Graf composes instrumental music in particular – chamber works, such as string quartets, trios and quintets, and symphonies. His best-known vocal works include 'Laat ons juichen, Batavieren!' [Let us rejoice, Batavians!] (1776) and the oratorio 'Der Tod Jesu' (1802).

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