Efthymios Stavropoulos


“Eforez (artist name) has crafted something authentically unique and fascinating with this collection. Undoubtedly a composer worth knowing about.”


Through the years he completed a variety of bachelor and master studies including composition, audiovisual design, guitar performance, singing and forestry engineering.Since 2007 he has been participating in a plethora of music and multidisciplinary projects, but it was until after 2018 that more consistently completed and published works of his own. Apart from a variety of solo and collaborative works, So far he has released 4 music albums.– Encounter (2021) – Fossil Sprouts (2020) – The Road to Cappadocia (2020) – Our 25th Hour (2019)He is the composer of the theatrical team Spirto. And the one of the two founders and member of the avante-garde electronic duet Bzaka and the Owlgod.


2016-2018 Master double degree - Composition / Arranging at Codarts, Rotterdam under the supervisions of Paul M. Van Brugge and René Uijlenhoet - AudioVisual Design at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam under the supervision of Arjanne Laan2012-2016 Bachelor degree - Composition / Arranging at Codarts, Rotterdam under the supervision of Paul M. Van Brugge and René Uijlenhoet2000-2009 Bachelor degree - Guitar Performance at Philippos Nakas Conservatory, Ioannina under the supervision of Christos Tasoulas2005-2009 Diploma - Vocal performance at Neo Odeio Thessalonikis under the supervision of Michalopoulou Eleni2003-2009 Bachelor / Master degree - Forestry Engineering at AUTH

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