Ivo de Vento

Ivo de Vento (c. 1544-1575) was born in Antwerp and attracted to the Bavarian court in Munich by Orlando di Lasso in 1556. When his voice broke he was sent to Venice on dispense of his patron Duke Albrecht V to study organ with Claudio Merulo and Annibale Padovano. The young musician was very much influenced by the Italian style which is obvious in his style of composition.
Back in Munich in 1563 he got an appointment as third organist in the ducal Hofkapelle. After the marriage of Duke Wilhelm V in 1568 de Vento follows him to Landshut were he became choir master for some time before returning to Munich were he stayed until his death in 1575.
His work consists of sacred compositions, masses, motets but also madrigals and entertainment music, especially songs. His work has been printed at Adam Berg’s in Munich and later in Antwerp by Christoffel Plantijn.
Some of his printed works are: Latinæ cantiones, quas vulgo moteta vocant (1569), Liber Motettorum (1571) (this album, dedicated to Duke Albrecht V), Motetæ aliquot sacræ (1574), Newe Teutsche Liedlein mit fünff Stimmen welche gantz lieblich zu singen und auff allerley Instrumenten zu gebrauchen (1569, 1571 & 1582), Schöne auserlesene newe Teutsche Lieder mit 4 Stimmen wölche niet allein lieblich zu singen sonder allerley Instrumenten wol und artlich zu gebrauchen seind (1572). In the titles of those books one can discover the Flemish origin of the composer.
Cees Wagemakers, 2015

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