Jose Carlos Villena

Born in San Antonio (Valencia) in 1989, he became interested in music
composition during his youth. He began his music composition studies in the
Conservatorio Superior de Música “Salvador Seguí” of Castellón de la Plana,
where he took classes by Ferrer Ferrán, César Cano and Miguel Ángel Berbis, for
instance. In this time, he attended numerous courses and lectures with professors
as Leonardo Balada, Mauricio Sotelo, José Manuel López López or Vicent
Minguet, among others.
In 2014 he moved to Madrid to make the Master of Contemporary Instrumental
Composition in the Centro Superior de Música Katarina Gurska, with the
professors Alberto Posadas, José Luis Torá and Aureliano Cattaneo. Besides he
took clases with other professors as Beat Furrer, Voro García, Chaya Czernowin or
Pierluigi Billone.
He worked with several players as Camilo Irizo, Luigi Marasca, Isabel López, Fie
Schouten, Pierre Strauch, Lorelei Dowling or Christian Dierstein, as well as also
with several ensembles as Ensemble Nomos, Duo Dédalo, Ensemble Project or
ArSonora Saxophone Ensemble. He was received comissions from several
festivals as Ensems (Valencia - Spain) or 30x30 (Padova - Italy).

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