Pierre Courbois

Pierre Courbois (Nijmegen, 23 April 1940) is, in pianist Rein de Graaff's words, 'the Miles Davis of Dutch jazz' (1). Just like Miles Davis Courbois is a forerunner of new trends, and he manages to assemble the right young musicians around him to do so. He leads the first Dutch group that engages in free improvisation: the (Original) Dutch Free Jazz Quartet. He brings jazz-rock to the Netherlands with his Association PC, and later experiments with curious line-ups, long improvisation schemes and odd and uneven meters. In addition the percussionist also manifests himself as instrument designer – for a long time he plays an electronic drum-kit of his own making – and as an always inspired accompanist in more mainstream jazz styles, which he continues playing on the side (for instance in the original Rein de Graaff/Dick Vennik Quartet).

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