How do we select composers?

We're happy that many composers like to be published at Donemus. We have a rather strict policy to accept new composers. We are proud to have very outstanding composers at Donemus with an international impact. We treasure the high quality of our catalogue.

Our most important criterion to cooperate with new composers is how present a composer is in the professional musical life, both nationally and internationlly. We don't judge a composer from a score, but we look at performances in the past and in the future. Who are the performers, the orchestras, ensembles, conductors etc that are involved?

When a composer applies at Donemus we ask for a biography (CV), a list with compositions and a concertlist. We also take a look at a composers' online presentation in a website, social media, audio platforms etc, so we can see how we can promote a composer.


Why Donemus?

You might be able to create scores and parts, and have your commissions, concerts and your own network of performers. Publishing through Donemus might offer you many benefits to publish your works:

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Publish your work in a few steps

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Published 6 years ago