Anna Mikhailova

Anna Mikhailova was born on February 17, 1984 in Moscow.
Accomplished composer, opera maker, film director, writer, theater director artist, performer [koto, voice, piano, organ, keyboards, objects, noise], researcher and composition teacher.
1990 - 1996 Vano Muradeli Children Music School [Piano / Composition]
1997 - 2002 Special Central Tchaikovsky Music School [Composition / Music Theory / Piano]
2002 - 2007 Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory [Master / Composition/ Organ / Koto]
2007 - 2010 Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory [Postgraduate program / Composition]
2008 Chicago Columbia University, Chicago, IL, USA [Special course, “Open World Program”/ Film score composition]
2009 – 2011 Royal Conservatory, Den Hague, Netherlands [Sonology / Composition]
2011 – 2013 Codarts, Rotterdam, Netherlands [Master / New Music Theater]
Since 2008 she is member of Russian Composer’s Union. From 2015 working as a film maker and exploring world of operas through the language of film (
Anna started composing at 4 years old with paint buckets and her grandfather’s shotgun, writing the first opera at 10 years old and having first solo concerts with her music at 11 years old.
Large spectrum of music from solo voice, instrument to ensemble, orchestra, electronics, including compositions with alternative and self made instruments. Research on Notation and interpretation of the sound, attention to the traditional musical instruments and traditional music, found during the folk expeditions, words creating the text or being part of the multiple score are some of the focus of attention in Anna’s art.
Her music is presented on different festivals and performed by the diverse spectrum of musicians, which include: Ereprijs ensemble, Ricciotti Ensemble, Ensemble Klangforumvien ensemble, Silbersee, Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, L’OFF/ Orchestra Flute Francais, Orchestra Flute by V.Kudrya.
Since 2005 Anna is working with multiple medias, making operas and exploring the possibilities of many kinds of musical instruments, diversity of sounds and performing spaces, making interactive performances and installations, writing music for films and computer games.
Anna Mikhailova has been awarded the prizes:
- II prize in the international competition "Classical Legacy";
- Prize Winner of the Third Moscow Young Composers Competition (1997);
- I prize in the international musical competition "Alexander Pushkin, His Contemporaries and Music";
- II prize in the V Esenin Competition for Young Russian Composers "Ryabinovie Grezy" (1999);
- Prize Winner in the 2nd Improvisation Contest for young composers, Moscow (2000);
- Winner of the IVth International Contest for Young Composers "Crystal Tuning-fork" (2003);
- Winner of Moscow Conservatory Composers D.D.Shcostakovich Competition (2005);
- II Prize and Prize Yoshihishi Taira (prize of public) of IV Composers Competition L’OFF (Orchestra de Flutes Frances) Paris, France (2006);
- Winner of Composer Competition “Space of Science” (2007);
- Winner of 8 international vocalist competition by Zara Dolukhanova “Succinct nightingale” (author of best obligatory song for second rook) (2008);
- Golden Medal and title of laureate of First International Competition for Composers in Name of Vladislav Zolotarev (2008, New-York, USA);
- Project METAMORPHOSES nominated for grand prize “Pop- mechanics” of Sergey Kuryokhin Awards’ 2010 (2010, S.Peterburg);
- First Prize of GRAFIMUSE visual arts competition for professional musicians (Brussels, 2011);
- Winner of Square Piano Composition Competition, part of the Geelvinck Muziek Festival (2011, 2013, Amsterdam);
- Winner composer of 2013 Impuls Composition Competition, Graz, Austria.

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