Henri Zagwijn

Henri Zagwijn is a self-taught composer and very active in Dutch musical life. He tried to find his inner self in the midst of the various trends of the day. Impressionism and expressionism, poly- and atonality, poly-rhythmics and poly-metrics found their reflections in his works, but realising that in all these contrasts and experiments the true essence of music threatened to get lost, he occupied himself all the time the question how, in the ever-changing sound-pattern of the 20th century, works could be created that might give modern man new emotions. More and more Zagwijn has succeeded in writing music with a personal character, music of great sensitiveness and a strongly concentrated form. His oeuvre, which mainly consists of chamber music with remarkably subtle combinations, gives a convincing answer to this question. Henri Zagwijn is a follower of the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner.

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