Ig Henneman

Netherlands, December 21, 1945

Ig Henneman was born in Haarlem on December 21, 1945.
As a five year old, Ig Henneman took piano lessons; at eleven she began to play the violin as well. At the conservatory, she initially studied the piano. Later she majored on the violin, and ultimately the viola became her instrument. In addition, Henneman received some years of coaching by Dutch composer Robert Heppener.
Ig Henneman is a musician of striking individuality who is acknowledged internationally as an improvising violist, bandleader and composer. As a composer, Henneman has written for orchestras, ensembles, and various soloists. She has also composed soundtracks for film and theater. As an improviser she mostly focuses on her own bands including the Ig Henneman Sextet and Duo Baars-Henneman, as well as being an integral part of the Dutch/Canadian Queen Mab Trio. Her sextet toured extensively between 2010 and 2012 and received abundant praise for the musicianship as well as the innovative compositions.
Henneman played in several symphony orchestras before co-founding the legendary rockband FC Gerania in 1977, which performed her first compositions. One of her early works is the soundtrack to the 1927 silent movie Baby Ryazanskye by Olga Preobrasjenskaja.
Nowadays, Henneman is renowned for being one of the ‘New Dutch Swing’ improvisers of the Amsterdam scene as well as for being a prolific and much sought-after composer. She performs at venues and festivals in Europe, Japan and North America. Grants and commissions were given her by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst, the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, the Fonds voor de Amateurkunst en de Podiumkunsten and the Dutch Ministry of Culture.
Some highlights:
• in her series 'Solo Songs for Instruments' Henneman wrote In the Storm of Roses –Solo Song for violin with improvisation– for the German violinist Ayumi Paul, and for Dutch violinist Diamanda La Berge Dramm. And Ten Lines –Solo Song for viola with improvisation– for Elisabeth Smalt (2014-2015)
• European 2014 tour with Perch Hen Brock & Rain a totally improvised quartet featuring Ab Baars, Ig Henneman, Ingrid Laubrock and Tom Rainey
• Duo Baars-Henneman 'Autumn Songs' USA Tour (2012)
• Molot for marimba-solo played by Fredrike de Winter (2010, 2011)
• Ig Henneman Sextet plays 'Kindred Spirits' (2010), recorded on Cut a Caper (Wig 19, 2011)
• Chant for violin and piano played by Heleen Hulst and Gerard Bouwhuis (2010)
• Henneman, Henneman & De Swaan, Henneman String Quartet with harpist Godelieve Schrama (2004), recorded on Strepen - Music and Image in Concert (DVD and CD, Wig 10, 2004) Henneman String Quartet on Italian music (2001), recorded on Piazza Pia (Wig 07, 2002)
• Henneman String Quartet plays Westwerk (1997), a project on medieval music and architecture
• Ig Henneman Tentet plays ‘De nachtegaal tijdens de slaap’ (1995), recorded on Repeat that, repeat (Wig 03, 1995)
• Ig Henneman Tentet plays Emily Dickinson (1993), recorded on Dickinson (Wig 02, 1993)

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