Nico Richter

Nico Richter was born on December 2, 1915 in Amsterdam of Jewish descent. In February 1942 the Germans arrested him for being a member of an underground group. After three and a half years in a concentration camp, he returned from Dachau seriously ill, to die a month later on August 16, 1945 in Amsterdam.
Richter received violin lessons from an early age, one of his teachers was Sam Tromp. Although he was drawn towards music, he followed his parents' advice and studied medicine. He interrupted these studies to study music direction with Hermann Scherchen. For several years he conducted a student orchestra. In 1941 he qualified as a physician.
Nico Richter had already begun composing small pieces at secondary school. Among his compositions are 'trio' for flute, viola and guitar (1935), 'sinfonie 1' for orchestra (1936) and a chamber opera, 'amorijs' (1937).
In 1935 he was awarded the Prix Henri Leboeuf for 'concertino voor violoncel' and clarinet, horn, trumpet, piano and 2 violins.

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