Sarah Neutkens

Sarah Neutkens (Eindhoven, 1998) is a Dutch composer, pianist, visual artist, model and art historian/journalist. She is drawn to all things unconventional, always seeking total freedom in her work. She is not only operating as a classical composer, having her works performed by ensembles like Alma Quartet and Nederlands Kamerkoor, but she also aims to connect contemporary music, jazz and popular music with the world of art and fashion. This has lead to multiple interdisciplinary collaborations: artist residencies for music festival Into the Great Wide Open and Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, articles in Harper’s Bazaar and collaborations with museums. 
With this interdisciplinary approach, Neutkens wants to show that composing music is not only for old, grey men from the past: as long as you look for total honesty in expression through music and art, composing is completely relevant. 
Neutkens’ compositions are published by her publisher Donemus and her cd’s are published on her own label, Neutra Records. On this label she has released several albums: Hexagon (2016), Cumulus (2018), Pieces for Strings (2019) and September (2020). Her works have been played on radio stations like BBC3, Klara and Radio 4 and the pieces have been performed in several major concert halls and on tv-programmes.

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