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Donemus Records Alive

For a long time, Donemus produced CDs at the Composers’ Voice Label. Recently, Donemus has been looking for ways to help composers and musicians increase their international visibility, and reach wider audiences worldwide. So now it will boost its label again under the name of ‘Donemus Records’, with more options for the near future. The new cooperation with FUGA is essential to bring this ambition to life. From now on, Donemus will be able to offer its composers not only publishing their sheet music but also releasing their recordings, helping them gain attention and worldwide promotion.

Fair Practice

This new cooperation offers composers and musicians new opportunities to release their recordings through Donemus. Donemus will take care of the mastering to achieve fine audio quality, will take care of the artwork, and of all the metadata. Donemus splits the revenues from FUGA to composers (25%), performers (50%), and keeps 25% for its own efforts. This might generate an additional income stream for composers. Because of this transparent approach, many composers and performers choose to join Donemus Records.

The FUGA Platform

Donemus will submit finalized recordings to FUGA. This company has built a complete content management system that sits at the heart of the digital business. Their platform streamlines the digital supply chain: upload and create releases, re-compile catalog, create audio/video bundles, deal with the complexities of classical repertoire, set tracks to pre-order, and timed release dates.
Their network goes beyond just the top streaming sites. They also deliver to a wide array of services, including niche online stores, rights collection agencies, royalty software and anti-piracy companies. Pressed for time? No problem: 90% of their deliveries arrive on the same day, and content can be set to go live within hours of delivery.

Well-equipped for Classical Music

FUGA’s interface has all the necessary features to accommodate the complexities of classical music. Just one track can contain all kinds of artists with different roles, like the composer, the orchestra, the conductor, soloist, text writer, etc. All contributors to a concert or recording can be accurately specified. In addition to the main metadata, some providers also offer the possibility to present biographies and performers’ photos. Donemus being closely connected to the majority of artists it cooperates with, it will present them on the digital platforms in the best way possible.
Donemus can enrich releases by submitting lyrics, booklets and even scores.

Music going Everywhere

During last weeks, when many composers and musicians stayed home, Donemus invited them to submit their content. More than 50 releases are already in the pipeline. All those recordings will be distributed to:
Apple Music
Fizy (Turkcell)
FLO Music
Google Play Music
iHeartRadio USA
iMusica (Claro Musica)
Kuack Media
Line Music
MTN MusicTime fka Simfy Africa
Napster (Rhapsody)
Naver Music/ Vibe
NetEase Cloud Music
Neurotic Media
Nuuday (TDC Play/YouSee Musik)
Tencent Music
Tidal (Aspiro)
TikTok Inc.
TIM Italia
United Media Agency
Yandex Music

More than 100 Releases

In the upcoming weeks we will keep you informed about the new developments. Composers who are about to be released at Donemus Records are, among others:

  • Dmitri Kourliandski
  • Hanna Kulenty
  • Joep Straesser
  • Kris Oelbrandt
  • Nubim Kim
  • Rick van Veldhuizen
  • Rieteke Hölscher
  • Roland Emile Kuit
  • Elmer Schönberger
  • Simeon ten Holt
  • Willem Boogman
  • Willem Mengelberg
    and many more to come!

Donemus Records launched! on Spotify

Donemus Records launched! on SoundCloud

Published 2 years ago

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