Ton Bruynèl: Soft Song, for oboe and two soundtracks

Wednesday, 29 June 2022   |   20:00 - 21:00

Ton Bruynèl: Soft Song, for oboe and two soundtracks

‘From my studio in one of the last farmer’s houses on Utrecht’s outskirts, narrowly escaping our latest architectural outgrowths, I tender “Soft Song” for oboe and soundtracks. To me a melody wondering about the civilities of irreality anno 1974.

With these words Ton Bruynèl describes the context in which he wrote "Soft Song" and the main idea behind his music in general. He criticized the fast urbanization and the dodecaphonic and serialist music written by his contemporaries. Bruynèl was inspired by nature and this is audible in the way in which the acoustic sound of the oboe blends with the artificially created nature sounds of the soundtrack. The melody of the oboe contains chicken-like sounds, expressing anger and frustration accompanied by a continuously changing soundscape. Bruynèl’s criticism on the relationship between humankind and nature is still relevant in the present time. It can be considered as both a warning and a glimmer of hope. The oboist Ella Botter will perform “Soft Song” together with visual art created by Robin Valster.

This performance is part of Ella Botter’s Master graduation recital from Codarts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Rotterdam. “Soft Song” will be performed alongside works by J.S. Bach, C. Schumann and M. del Aguila.

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  • Composer(s): Johann Sebastian Bach, Clara Schumann, Ton Bruynèl, Miguel del Aguila
  • Title(s) of the Work(s):

    J.S. Bach - Concerto for oboe d'amore BWV 1055
    1. Allegro
    2. Larghetto
    3. Allegro ma non tanto

    Clara Schumann - Drei Romanzen
    1. Andante molto
    2. Allegretto
    3. Leidenschaflich schnell

    Ton Bruynèl - Soft Song for oboe and two soundtracks (1974)

    Miguel del Aguila - Summer Song for oboe and piano (1996)

  • Performer, Ensemble or Orchestra: Ella Botter (oboe), Sara Gutierrez Redondo (piano), Robin Valster (visual artist), Sybren Holwerda (violin), Mireia Costa (violin), Lea van der Heijden (viola), Falou Lansink (cello), Fabiana Vicente (double bass)


Jun 29 2022


20:00 - 21:00
Codarts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten


Codarts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
Kruisplein 26, Rotterdam
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Ton Bruynèl: Soft Song, for oboe and two soundtracks on SoundCloud

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