Lucas Wiegerink: Het Lijflied

In Het Lijflied, you go on an adventure with Ina, who makes a journey through her own body. She listens to the jargon of her uplifted brain and lets herself be whipped up by her thunderous heartbeat. In her intestines, she sees how a large turd is being prepared and, together with her white blood cells, she fights a virus. When she goes out into the world again after all these exciting experiences, she knows that her body is an ally she can rely on.

The body as a source of inspiration

The makers of Het Lijflied draw inspiration from the hidden sounds, processes and stories of the human body. Composer Lucas Wiegerink weaves recordings of body sounds through his composition, in which further influences from jazz and the great opera repertoire can be heard. He developed the plan for this sensory youth performance together with the French music theatre maker Alma Terrasse, who is responsible for the libretto and the direction.

The opera lasts about one hour, without intermission, and is performed in Dutch.

Het Lijflied is a co-production of Opera Zuid, Dutch National Opera and November Music, and is made possible in part by the Fonds Podiumkunsten and Kunstloc Brabant.

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Published 2 weeks ago

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