Marion von Tilzer: 'Malala Speaks'; Children of the world sing for peace

Malala Speaks is a new project by award- winning composer Marion von Tilzer (NL/A). A song for children’s choir with the words of the Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai (1997), sung by children from all corners of the world. ‘Malala Speaks’ is part of Marion’s series ‘Meetings with Remarkable Women’. This project is a vehicle for children and youth to recognize their impact in a world, where so much is at stake and where the realization of equality, unity, and peace is key.


Children’s choirs from all seven continents are invited to take part in the project ‘Malala Speaks’, which consists of a documentary following the children, as they practice & sing the song along with short interviews with the children in their habitat about their future dreams and hopes for a peaceful world. Singing the song “Malala Speaks” will not only inspire the young participants themselves on a local level, but they become a voice for hope to an international audience.

The plan is to collaborate with a broadcasting company and other platforms, and we have contact with organizations, such as the United Nations and World Unity Week. In addition to that, the documentary will be a starting point for educational projects in schools and areas in need of support. Besides the documentary, we would like to create a Live edition of the song in the form of a sound installation superimposing the recordings of all children’s choirs singing the song from around the world.


The text for this composition consists of excerpts from the Nobel Lecture of Malala & another speech she held at the United Nations Youth Assembly. The composition has been published at Donemus Publishing with permission from the Malala Fund & United Nations.

“The Taliban tried to stop us and attacked me and my friends.
But their bullets could not silence us. We survived and our voices have grown louder. Weakness, fear, and hopelessness died;
Power, strength, and courage was born.
I am Shazia, I am Kainat, I am Kainat Soomro, I am Mezon. I am Amina.
Let us be the last generation to see empty classrooms, lost childhoods and wasted potential.
Let us bring equality, justice and peace to all.
Peace for All.”

Marion has been deeply touched by Malala, who stood up as a twelve-year-old girl and spoke at public events when the Taliban banned girls from going to school in Pakistan. She was attacked by a Taliban gunman and miraculously survived the shot in her head. Since Malala’s recovery, her mission to support children and especially girls from all over the world has only become stronger. In 2013 Malala launched the Malala Fund aimed at increasing girls’ access to education. In 2014 she received the Nobel prize for Peace, as the youngest recipient ever for her ongoing work to protect children’s education around the world.

Choir piece: ‘MALALA SPEAKS’ for children’s and youth choirs (age 9-18y), length: ca. 5 min
Concept & composer: Marion von Tilzer
Ambassador of the project: Catharina van Staveren, United Nations Netherlands
Produced by: MuziCan Foundation
Choirs list in Formation: NIEUW VOCAAL AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, The Youth Choir, Cape Town SA, The Singing Tree, MEHLI MEHTA MUSIC FOUNDATION, India, Chicago Children’s Choir, Chicago.
For more information, please contact Konstantin Koukias – tel: +31649 89 4484 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands


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Published 2 months ago

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