Michael Fine: Concerto for Trumpet, Percussion, and Strings

Michael Fine about his Concerto for Trumpet, Percussion, and Strings:

The Concerto is in four movements. It was inspired by recording sessions I produced with Paul Merkelo in Moscow back in 2019, the first commercial recording made in the then new Zarayadje Hall. We recorded Arutiunian, Weinberg and Shostakovich in a week of intense sessions with Maestro Hans Graf conducting the Russian National Orchestra. Paul's technique and sound were phenomenal, not to mention the stamina to record three difficult works in a relatively short time. When I returned home to the Netherlands, I immediately began to pen a concerto that would showcase all of Paul's amazing abilities. I composed three movements when Paul mentioned that his infant daughter loved my piece 'Finding Home' and wondered if I could somehow incorporate it into the Concerto. I created a new movement - now the second - based on the nostalgic music of 'Finding Home' with a trumpet obbligato.

I'm honoured that Paul agreed to play my Concerto for his debut with the wonderful OSG and Maestro LoMonaco (who has already performed my concert overture 'Brother Fox.' The Concerto is a virtuoso tour de force: Paul has said it is one of the most demanding works he has performed but I know that my music is in the best hands with Paul, OSUG and Maestro LoMonaco.

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Published 3 weeks ago

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