Niek Idelenburg nominated for a Buma Music in Media Award

This week Buma Music in Motion has announced the nominees for the Buma Music in Media Awards 2022 via its social media channels. These awards for various composers working in the media (film, television, commercials, podcasts, etc.) will be presented on 19 April in the EYE Film Museum in twelve different categories. Traditionally, an up-and-coming talent is also rewarded with the Buma Music in Motion New Talent Award.

The Buma Music in Media Awards underline the importance of music use in media and are an extension of Buma Music in Motion, the international platform in the area of music use in media. This year, however, there will again be an actual 'live' award ceremony, in Eye Filmmuseum. Once again, the jury is looking for the most successful or striking media composers and compositions of the past year. The winners will be announced during the ceremony on 19 April in Eye. The jury looked at the best music for film, television, radio, documentary, trailer, podcast and advertising in thirteen different categories. Three nominated composers and/or compositions were chosen in each category.

The 35-member jury consists of award-winning names who collectively cover the entire (musical) media landscape. The jury includes Bob Zimmerman (composer, also chairman of the jury), Stephen Emmer (composer), Claire van Daal (NFF), Martijn Bosch (Museum het Rembrandthuis), Marion Slewe (Film Academy), Marcel Albers (Dutch Music Export), Susanne van Nierop (Adformatie) and Will Quiney (music supervisor). The complete jury list can be found on the Buma Music in Motion website.

Composer Niek Idelenburg is nominated for the Category: Best Original Composition Experience for the production Mijs met de Zwavelstokjes (Holland Opera).


Holland Opera also effectively tackled gruesome fairytales in Red Riding Hood and More Girl. In Mijs met de zwavelstokjes, the pathetic original is transformed into a surprisingly pleasant performance with dance, film, humour and, above all, lots of non-soulful music. Fragments by Purcell and Vivaldi can be heard between new compositions with singing and rap by Oene van Geel and Niek Idelenburg.

Strikingly beautiful and combative is Idelenburg's song Angry Match Girl, to which dancer Maartje Pasman (who plays Mijs) performs a fierce choreography of anger. This shows a clear shift in emphasis. This Mijs fights against her fate, against hunger and cold. Ice-cold Mijs met de zwavelstokjes never becomes cold. This girl dances her way out of life.

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Published 5 months ago

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