Petra Strahovnik wins Berlin Art Prize

The writer and journalist Annett Gröschner is the winner of the Berlin Art Prize – Grand Prize 2021. The Akademie der Künste awards the prize, endowed with 15,000 euros in rotation among its six sections on behalf of the state of Berlin. 
In addition to the Berlin Art Prize – Grand Prize, the six Berlin Art Prizes, endowed with 5,000 euros each, will also be awarded on 18 March. These prizes go to the Indian concept artist Sajan Mani (Visual Arts Section), the architecture firm HARQUITECTES in Barcelona (Architecture Section), the Slovenian composer and musician Petra Strahovnik (Music Section), the German writer Lea Schneider (Literature Section), the Swiss actress Gina Haller (Performing Arts Section) and the German multimedia artist Susann Maria Hempel (Film and Media Arts Section). 
The Berlin Art Prize - Jubilee Foundation 1848/1948 was founded by the Berlin Senate in 1948 in memory of the March Revolution of 1848. It has been awarded by the Akademie der Künste on behalf of the State of Berlin since 1971. Recent winners of the Berlin Art Prize – Grand Prize include Younghi Pagh-Paan (2020), Renée Gailhoustet (2019) and Thomas Demand (2018). 
In 2019 Petra Strahovnik did win the International Rostrum Price for Composers for her work Prana.
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Published 1 year ago

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