Rijndert van Woudenberg: Maverick

Maverick is a composition commissioned by the legendary Ensemble NOMAD from Tokyo. This new work is specially composed for the 25th anniversary of the ensemble. Since 2009, Rijndert van Woudenberg and Ensemble NOMAD have been working together on a regular basis in various productions in and outside Japan. The composition Maverick has a special feature for Ensemble Nomad's bassist, Yoji Sato. This Japanese super talent is both an excellent classical double bass player and a mind-boggling electric bass player as well. Because both Sato and van Woudenberg share a great love for Jaco Pastorius, this composition will be a reflection of Pastorius' work. The composition Maverick will transform Ensemble NOMAD into a steaming machine where Jazz and classical contemporary music are brought together in an unexpected way. 

World premiere on June 24 at Tokyo Opera City, Japan

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Published 3 weeks ago

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