Donemus welcomes Savvas Karantzias

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Greek (Rhodian) composer Savvas Karantzias has signed a publishing contract with Donemus. His two large oratorios will be the first works to be published…   

Savvas Karantzias received his music education in A. Corelli Conservatory (Rhodes), where he is currently the Conservatory’s professor and director. He also works in the synthetic study of the sound phenomenon and the depiction of image in sound. He is co-founder of the festival “European Polyphony / Polyphonie Europeenne” and founder of Ars Artis Organization. His first appearance in the record industry was in 2015 in the record “Echomonologues”, done in collaboration with Subways Music. Karantzias has created multiform compositions for orchestra, choir, theater, chamber music and pieces of music for solo instruments. In 2016 he composed the music-theatrical play titled “O kiklos tou 10” (The circle of 10) which was presented at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and has worked with very significant actors, directors and choreographers. In 2017 Karantzias composed the Oratorio “Theophanes the Greek”, about the founder of Russian iconography.

This work was presented before an audience for the first time at the Cathedral Church of the Annunciation in Rhodes, followed by a performance in Istanbul (Turkey). The play was subsequently presented at the Collège Notre Dame de France in Paris (France) and in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow (Russia). It was also presented at the Bibliotheca of Alexandria (Egypt) under the auspices of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and following the invitation of the Pope and the Patriarch Theodore II’ of Alexandria and all Africa, where he was awarded the honor of the Grand Commander of Our Lion Battalion of Alexandria. The compositions of Savvas Karantzias have traveled the world and his works were presented by significant Greek and international artists as well as by significant ensembles. In 2018 he started a long-term collaboration with the Moscow Synodal choir from whom he receives annual orders for the composition of new plays intended to be premiered in front of the Russian audience. In 2020 Karantzias composed the Oratorio “Andrei Rublev” which was presented in Moscow (Russia) in Zaryadye Concert Hall. Since 2020, Savvas Karantzias is represented worldwide by MUSICENTRY, the Donemus partner in Greece.

Musicentry continues the successful cooperation with Donemus Publishing for the worldwide promotion of Greek composers. We are pleased to announce the new publication of 2 superb works of the Rhodian composer Savvas Karantzias by Donemus Publishing. The powerful music of his two Oratorios with deep religious feeling ‘’Theophanes the Greek’’ & ‘’Andrei Rublev’’, will begin their worldwide journey.

Composer Savvas Karantzias:
I particularly welcome the beginning of my collaboration with Donemus Publishing House for the publication of my two works ‘’Theophanes the Greek’’ and ‘’Andrei Rublev’’. My special thanks to Davo van Peursen, as well as to Musicentry for their valuable support and representation.

Davo van Peursen:
We are impressed by the strong musical language of Savvas Karantzias. His oratorio “Theophanes the Greek” is an impressive composition with past performances at important venues. Donemus is looking forward to cooperating with him and with Muscentry to gain more attention to his oeuvre.

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