Grote Archipel – Daan Manneke

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Daan Manneke (Kruiningen, 1939) is the nestor of contemporary music in Zeeland. Evenmore, he’s one of the leading composers in the Netherlands. Manneke decided to write his magnum opus for the instrument, which in his opinion he didn’t use enough in the past, namely the piano…   

In this large work, Daan Manneke reflects on his oeuvre, from youth work to recent compositions, and does not hesitate to comment, even to make “improvements”. The work is titled “Grote Archipel” and is divided into six parts, each part separately dedicated to a pianist, with whom the composer has a special relationship, namely Jelena Bazova, Kelvin Grout, Daniel Kramer, Geoffrey Madge, Hannes Minnaar and Ralph van Raat.

These pianists will come together in concert on Friday 12 October to play “Grote Archipel” as a kind of relay concert. An exceptional situation requires a live recording, and that is exactly what will happen. The 6 pianists will also contribute to the first part of the concerts, presenting composers who had influences on the work of Manneke, from Claude Debussy to Ton de Leeuw.

Grote Archipel” was dedicated to the province of Zeeland, particularly to the six most important regions of it. At the request of the composer, this concert is organized in the Zeeland Concert Hall, not only because of the good acoustics and recording studio there of course, but also because of the fact that his first concert actually took place in this room, but a five decades ago, in 1968.

The PZC already existed and wrote the following:

“The composer present in the hall thanked for the audience for their applause. With these ‘Stages’, he, Daniël Manneke, is on his way to a career of craftsmanship.

And with that, the PZC, already in 1968, exactly predicted the career of Manneke.

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