Kyriakides – Face

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On Saturday, February 16th, the composition ‘Face’ by Yannis Kyriakides can be heard again at the Orgelpark. Composed for, and performed by, ELECTRA (Michaela Riener, Susana Borsch, Diamanda Dramm, Saskia Lankhoorn), ‘Face’ was made in collaboration with visual artists Johannes Schwartz and Maria Barnas…   

Face is a multimedia composition for voice, violin, recorders, piano, live electronics and video, based on notions of face, not only as a manifestation of emotion and identity, but as a data set to be collected and used by external powers. The piece navigates between the problematic practice of anthropometry in the early 20th century, specifically the measurement of cranial features to determine character types, to the current use of emotional face recognition software to collect data about the emotional engagement of consumers.

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