Rick van Veldhuizen – cōnflārī

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On Friday, March 8 (Edesche Concertzaal) and Saturday, March 9 (Orgelpark), Doris Hochscheid, Frans van Ruth and Gonny van der Maten will give the premiere of Rick van Veldhuizen ‘cōnflārī’ in their new project ‘Nieuwe Registers’…   

Rick van Veldhuizen and Donemus recently signed a publishing contract. Cōnflārī is his first work published at Donemus. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra commissioned him for their prestigious Mahler festival in 2020. On May 16, 2020 they will perform a new work of him along with Mahler IX.

The work cōnflārī, now in March 2019 is written for the combination of cello, piano and organ.

Concert March 8 at the Edesche Concertzaal

Concert March 9 at the Orgelpark

cōnflārī at Donemus